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Group Photos        Space 2000         Technobreak2000          Party Time                 Toledo

 Houston      Chicago    College   University of Toledo    Montana     Summer 2002   Cuyahoga falls  

 Put-in bay     New York

    PARTY BEGINS.jpg (104084 bytes)             CHAMPAGNE IS FLOWING.jpg (75866 bytes)              2nd CHAMPAGNE UP.jpg (136432 bytes)           ALL READY FOR POSE.jpg (154102 bytes)


    GUYS WAITING FOR BAWA& GANG.jpg (128080 bytes)              CHEERS UP1.jpg (66050 bytes)              ALL ENJOYING THEIR DINNER.jpg (157725 bytes)            JD and VINU DISCUSSING.jpg (128270 bytes)


    KUTUR AND MANI SMILING.jpg (133743 bytes)              MANI ENJOYING HIS FOOD.jpg (129939 bytes)               PARAS ENJOYING PINACOLADA.jpg (134527 bytes)            THE FINAL COMPETITION.jpg (148724 bytes)


   THE POWER COUPLE OF CHIVIL.jpg (62131 bytes)                GIFT TIME.jpg (138745 bytes)                THE BEST CLASS (CIVIL 2001).jpg (232679 bytes)             LAST GROUP PHOTO.jpg (219738 bytes)


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